Side Hustle Challenge: Week 1

It’s the end of week 1 for the #1kHustle Side Hustle Challenge so it’s time to check in!  In case you missed it, my goals for the challenge are here.

Here’s how I did this week:

Etsy:  $83

I made two large sales in my Etsy shop – one custom order from a repeat customer, and one of an assortment of cards. I also made some individual card sales.

I worked on promoting fall items on Instagram and building a better Instagram following by engaging better with my target market.  I also organized my inventory, including discontinuing some less popular items and posting some items I had made but forgot to list.  I also registered for two craft fairs around the holidays – which won’t help me with this challenge, but will be good in the long run!

This week, I’m going to work on adding a couple of new, higher priced items and continuing to engage on Instagram.

Survey Sites:  $8.79

I primary used Swagbucks and InboxDollars during my downtime.  I did a couple of surveys and some video watching and e-mail reading for a couple of sense – ultimately I don’t think this is going to be the thing that makes me rich, but it’s an easy mindless activity to do while watching TV.

Blog:  $0

I have not made any money blogging this week, but I did make moves to self-host using Bluehost and WordPress, which means I am a better candidate for affiliate programs, and can more easily monetize going forward.  I also gained about 30 Twitter followers and created 2 new posts last week.  And, in case you didn’t notice, I’m now the proud owner of!  Technically, my blog is at a loss after paying for hosting and a domain, but I’m not going to deduct it from this challenge right now.

Poshmark:  $5.05

I did not put a ton of energy into my Poshmark sales this week, but I did lower my prices since my current inventory has been sitting for a while and I managed to make a sale.  Next week, I’ll work on going through my closet to see if there are items I haven’t worn since my last major purge in July.

Other:  $30.49

While I was decluttering my house, I found a check for $30.49 that had been mailed to me previously – so it pays to clean, people!

Week 1 Total:  $127.33

Plans for next week:

Going into week 2, I’m going to:

  • Continue posting Etsy items on Instagram.
  • Work on a couple of higher priced projects to list on Etsy.
  • Continue building a Twitterfollowing for Making & Saving.
  • Clean out my closet and find at least 5 new things to post on Poshmark.

Is anyone else participating in the challenge?  How did the first week go for you?

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