Side Hustle Challenge: Week 2

Well I’ve pretty much cleanly missed the end of week 2 now that we’re almost at the end of week 3, but I’m far too competitive to just let this slide.  If you aren’t familiar with the Side Hustle Challenge, check out my goals here and my week 1 updates here.

Here are my updates from week 2!

Etsy:  $36

I did a couple of posts on Instagram with my sale items and started clearing out some inventory I’ve had for a while. I also sold some fall cards and stickers!  This weekend I’m going to focus on promoting a couple more fall items in advance of Halloween.

Something I didn’t get around to was making some higher price point items, which I plan to work on this weekend while I have some down time.

eBay:  $15

I haven’t had a chance to fully get into eBay, but I did buy some Halloween items to flip and successfully made $15 off of my first sale.

Week 2 Total:  $51
Challenge Total:  $178.33

Plans for This Weekend:

  • Promote fall Etsy items on Instagram.
  • Post at least 5 higher priced items on Etsy.
  • Find at least 5 items that can be posted on Poshmark.
  • Create at least 2 new blog posts.

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