Side Hustle Challenge: Week 3

And just like that, week 3 is through!  Here’s how it went:

Etsy:  $17

I sold a couple of cards and sale items, but am anticipating a larger order in the coming days.  I did some promotion on Instagram over the weekend and gained about 20 followers – so I’m hoping to post daily with fall items this week leading up to Halloween, and I’m hoping to break 300 followers. I did get a little distracted crafting and focused on making things for myself instead of for my Etsy…

Poshmark:  $30.30

This was a great weekend on Poshmark, which I put some energy into!  Last time I committed to finding at least 5 new items to post, and I listed 7 and sold 3, including one of the Halloween items I had purchased to flip a few weeks back.  I didn’t make a huge profit on it but agreed to a lower price since we’re getting down to the wire with Halloween next week!

Swagbucks:  $0.20

I haven’t been putting much effort into survey sites after getting rejected from so many surveys in a row, but I got lucky on a few Swagbucks clicks.

Week 3 Total:  $47.50
Challenge Total:  $225.83

Goals for Next Week:

  • Add 5 new higher priced listings to Etsy.
  • Visit thrift stores to try to find items to flip on Poshmark.
  • Surpass 300 Instagram followers for my Etsy.
  • Surpass 200 Twitter followers for my blog.
  • Create at least 2 new blog posts.

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