How I’m Side Hustling Differently (& Happier!)

I’m still all about Side Hustles – but I’ve noticed a change in approach, especially since my last big foray with Side Hustles back in October.  Here’s what I’m doing differently that’s working for me:

Narrowing Focus

Back when I did the #1khustle Challenge in October I was all over the place – I wanted to make money on every site and open about 100 different businesses in the process.  I have always loved a lot of projects and especially love a challenge, but having that many different ideas meant that I wasn’t focused on any of them.

Now I’m focused on not just the projects that make the most money, but the ones I enjoy the most (and there’s clearly a correlation there).  I’m working on my Etsy shop and my Poshmark boutique, and taking a break from things that seem like a chore, like survey sites and eBaying (god I loathe printing my own shipping labels).  My Etsy and Poshmark sales are both better than ever because I’m spending more time perfecting these projects instead of trying to make money however I can!

Investing More (Both Time & Money)

Since I’m spending more time on the side hustles that are the most profitable and the most fun for me, I’m also putting a little bit more time and money into those projects – and I don’t feel bad about it, because it’s not just an expense – it’s an investment.

Instead of spending time clicking through surveys I’m not qualified to complete or scrolling through social media, I’m reading blogs on how to get Etsy traffic and how to get into wholesaling on Poshmark.  I’ve spent some money on upgrading my Etsy products too, finally leaping into manufacturing for my vinyl stickers instead of printing and hand-cutting each one – a slight increase in expense but a huge upgrade in quality and in the amount of time I’ll be spending on each purchase!  I have put some money into learning more about Etsy too, including paying for some expert shop critiques and short-term online courses about things like SEO and marketing that I don’t know too much about.  I have definitely seen a return so far so it has been time and money well spent!

Making it Social

Because I think that my ventures are fun, I’m happy to spend time in Facebook groups or on Twitter or on blogs learning more about how to do these things well, and connecting with others who have similar interests.  Social media and engagement is a huge part of any business, and being genuine in my interest for my side hustles and my desire for my customers to be happy really comes across.

Side hustles are not just get rich quick schemes, and I have found that by treating them as the businesses that they are, however small the scale for now, has helped me grow them and helps me not get burnt out from spending the time on them!


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