Good Read: Is The Stock Market Rigged?

This is a very good read for anybody investing in the stock market.

Is Stock Market Rigged? Insider Trading by Executives Is Pervasive, Critics Say

The short answer is 1000% yes the stock market is rigged.

The deck is heavily stacked against every day people like you and me. Meanwhile, those in the upper echelon have access to information that ensures they win big.

So far the only equalizer of sorts I have found is the wealth of information that is available online. The trick is to find good information.

I have several online sources I consult before I purchase a stock. Some of them are very helpful and some of them leave me feeling just as lost in the dark as I was before.

Still, I think doing your research is the only way people like me can have a chance in hell of making a solid decision.

Then again, maybe I’m just a sucker being played by those in the know.

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