Easy Money: Apps & Surveys

I recently received an offer from Amazon about their new photo backup service.

The e-mail said if I tried the service by uploading just 1 photo, I would receive a $15 Amazon credit to my account.

I followed the directions and uploaded 1 single photo of my dog and waited to see what happened. Wouldn’t you know it, a day or two later I got a notice that I have a $15 credit on Amazon.

Now this credit expires in a few weeks and is only good for a purchase of $30 or more, but I make a lot of use of my Amazon Prime account so using the credit won’t be a problem.

In a bit of strange timing, I got another offer from Adobe around the same time.

This offer asked me if I would be interested in participating in a survey that I can complete on my own time for 3 days in October. The reward for participating will be a $150 gift card.

Again, I was a bit skeptical but I figured I’d give it a shot.

This morning I received an e-mail telling me I am in the survey. If all goes as promised, an extra $150 would be a nice chunk of buying power next month.

All these offers got me thinking, “How can I make this extra buying power a regular thing?”

Turns out you can.

Fetch App

I started using the Fetch app just last week and have already claimed two $3 Amazon gift cards.

With Fetch you take photos in the app of your receipts and receive points. These points can be redeemed for gift cards.

So for example, I have scanned my grocery receipts and received numerous points based on the things I bought.

To me, this is a no-brainer. I’m buying my usual groceries and I can scan the receipt and receive points toward a reward. It’s literally that easy.

So let’s say it takes me an extra minute of my time to remember and scan a receipt. After a week (2 grocery trips), I’ve already earned $6 to spend on Amazon (a place I’m shopping all the time.) Why wouldn’t I do that?

All this extra buying power for little effort got me researching other ways to make or save money.


I came across a survey site called Swagbucks.

I’ve always been skeptical of these types of programs, but I figured I’m on a roll so why stop now?

Swagbucks has several different ways to earn points, but for the moment, I’m taking surveys.

To my shock and surprise, it’s actually not a bad deal.

Before I go to work in the morning and when I get home in the afternoon, I’m usually just hanging out on my MacBook. I check the news sites, see how my stocks are doing, and generally just goof off.

It got me thinking, what if I used a little of that time when I’m not doing anything important to try and earn a little extra reward money?

So my current plan is to take a few surveys a day on Swagbucks and see if it’s worth it.

I have taken 3 surveys today (10-15 minutes per survey) and have earned 214 Swagbucks.

After looking at the rewards, I can earn gift cards to places like Amazon and Walmart as well as Visa gift cards. Obviously, the higher the amount of the card the higher the amount of Swagbucks you need but the amounts are not crazy in my opinion.

For instance a $25 Visa gift card is 2175 Swagbucks.

So for a time when I would normally be doing nothing, I can sit on my couch and earn a little extra money to buy something I need which saves me real money in my bank account.

For me it’s worth it. I could completely understand why someone wouldn’t want to do it. But in my situation, it’s a way to earn some easy money and continue my fanatical journey to becoming a world champion penny pincher.

Now obviously these programs are not going to change my life financially. But I believe in the power of taking small, deliberate, consistent steps in a positive direction can and will get you to where you are going. So I’m going to take them and see where it leads me.

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