Buying Stocks: Follow The Money

There are some very interesting points raised in this article:

Retail traders follow Nancy Pelosi’s husband’s stock moves to find winners

I have said before on this blog, the system is undoubtedly rigged to benefit certain people and to set up all kinds of barriers to success for others.

This article highlights yet another example.

Though Nancy Pelosi herself doesn’t trade stocks, her husband does. And that’s enough for some social traders, who see his trades as hers. “We’ve been tracking their performance and every single stock she has bought in the last two years has gone up significantly,” Christopher Josephs, cofounder of Iris, told Yahoo Finance Live.

“It started early in 2020 with Crowdstrike (CRWD), and then she bought Tesla (TSLA), and there were some laws passed pro for the EV market.”

 “Then she bought Google (GOOGGOOGL) and then the laws came out that they weren’t going to go after big tech. And then she just recently bought Nvidia (NVDA).” 

Joseph notes each of the lawmaker’s disclosed positions has been up 20-30% since their initial investment.

Politicians and others in influential, powerful positions have knowledge of things long before we do. It goes with the job. I also think they use that knowledge to profit.

So, maybe there’s something to this idea. Maybe I should start trying to find this information and following along.

It couldn’t hurt to look into it. My current short term stock portfolio is still very much in the red.

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