Prices Keep Going Up So It’s Time To Get Crazy

If you keep track of the news or have been grocery shopping lately, you’ve probably noticed how prices keep creeping up.

I had one of those moments the other day when I finished grocery shopping. I had just loaded the 7 plastic bags of food into the back of my car and thought about how I had just spent $80 for it.

$80 for what?

I use coupons. I have the store’s loyalty card for special prices. I buy the store brands. I buy in bulk when it makes sense. I don’t buy expensive meats or organic products.

In my household, it is just me and my dog, so how can 1 week of grocery shopping cost $80? It’s ridiculous.

According to the experts, we may be in for this price inflation for a while.

In my quest to reach my long-term financial goals, I’m considering getting a little bit crazy to counteract this.

Last night I was thinking about the items I purchased and how I could substitute something cheaper or eliminate them altogether.

Now, I am a pretty good shopper. I buy what I’m actually going to eat in a week. I don’t experiment because I have learned I end up wasting things when I do.

I also have learned that when I buy something I don’t really like, I have a strong tendency to not eat it and will spend more money to eat something in place of it. In other words, I will buy fast food because I’m not in the mood to eat what is at home.

Needless to say, I will be thinking long and hard about what I change or even cut out from my grocery bill.

How about you? Are you worried about the rising price of groceries? Are there items you could substitute or eliminate? Let me know in the comments.

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