The Brandon Portfolio Oct ’21 Recap

October 2021 was a positive month for my personal stock portfolio I’m jokingly calling The Brandon.

The Brandon contains a total of 7 stocks in 3 companies:

  1. Qualcomm (QCOM)
  2. Rocket Companies (RKT)
  3. Pinterest (PINS)

The Big Winner

Qualcomm (QCOM) comes in this month as the biggest winner with a gain of $8.14 for the month.

I purchased 1 share of QCOM back on October 12th for a price of 124.90. Since that time QCOM closed the month of October at $133.04.

Since the pandemic bottom of March 2020, QCOM has seen a nice growth in price. I was lucky enough to get in after the latest price pull back in October and I am bullish on QCOM for the next few months (at least.)

The Biggest Loser

Pinterest (PINS) gutted my overall gains for the month of October dropping $5.06 since I bought into it.

I purchased 1 share of PINS on October 25th for a share price of $49.70. Since that time PINS has dropped like a lead balloon down at the end of October to $44.64 per share.

Pinterest (PINS) is one I am going to need to keep a close eye on going forward.

The first most obvious mistake I made with PINS is I thought there was sufficient support around $49 per share. It could rebound to that level in the next few days, but then again, it could fall lower.

Next, I should have done more research before I jumped in at that price. A quick look at Finviz would have given me a very good clue that the price was likely going to drop.

When the Co-founder, Evan Sharp, sold more shares off at $49.96 on October 26th, I should have taken the signal. In all honesty, I had no idea this happened because I wasn’t doing my due diligence. That’s 100% my fault for falling asleep at the wheel.

Third, the choppy nature of Pinterest’s price action for 2021 should have made me pause. It didn’t and I paid the price.

I do believe a healthy return is coming for PINS, but I made some big mistakes jumping in too soon. I should have waited for a better entry point.

November 2021

November will be an interesting month for The Brandon. If you’re keeping up with the financial news, you have seen the dire warnings. A lot of smarter people than me are predicting a significant drop in the markets on the horizon.

While an overall correction would be painful in some respects, it also presents opportunities to find future growth. Think of the March 2020 drop and then subsequent runs. There is money to be made in them there hills.

The key for me will be to keep my limited funds safe and open to take advantage when the time is right.

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