Taking Profits and Reaching For More

Since Friday afternoon, I have made quite a few moves in The Brandon Portfolio in an attempt to grow the account faster.

Here comes a big recap.

Sold Qualcomm (QCOM)

After holding Qualcomm (QCOM) for 24 days beginning at a price of $124.90, I decided to take my profits Friday. After a great earnings week run, I picked up $37.83 profit on my single share.

While I’m happy with the results on QCOM, I don’t know if I am happy with how long I had to hold it and how much capital I had to tie up in it for so long.

If you’ve been keeping track of this investing experiment, you will notice my methods of growing this account are constantly changing. I have fluctuated between holding stocks for long periods in favor of less volatility and taking calculated risks.

At the moment, I am trying to find a happy medium. I want faster results and am willing to take on a little more volatility right now. That could all change if I hit a big losing streak.

Sold Rocket Companies (RKT)

After the bell on Friday, I also parted ways with my 5 shares of stock in RKT.

I bought 2 shares of Rocket October 13th and added 3 more shares on October 18th with an average price of $16.21.

I sold all 5 shares Friday for a price of $17.15 netting a profit of $4.69.

I had much higher hopes for RKT but as it continued to move slowly I was ready to take what I got out of it and move on.

Sold Goodyear Tire (GT)

I was making a short term swing play on Goodyear Tire when I bought 2 shares on November 3rd for $21.23 per share.

I sold off the 2 shares Friday (Nov. 5th) for $24.10 per share bringing in a quick profit of $5.72.

This obviously isn’t life changing money, but it’s exactly the kind of trade I am liking at the moment. I only held it for a few days and it made some profit. Remember, the most important thing to me is to not lose money. They won’t all be home runs and that’s fine. I’ll take singles and doubles all day, every day.

Sold GoPro (GPRO)

GoPro turned out to be a dud for me.

I was attempting to make a 1 day swing trade like Goodyear, but GPRO wasn’t having it.

I bought 2 shares on November 4th at $9.90 per share. Then GoPro laid an egg and I sold my shares Friday for $9.53 per share.

That was loss of $0.76 on an otherwise good week.

The Brandon Portfolio Performance

I went into the weekend with no open positions because I wanted to protect my profits and avoid any further losses.

I went back through my account and totaled up some numbers for review.

Total Cash Deposited: $256.50
Account Balance: $318.23
Profit: $61.73
(as of November 5, 2021)

I have started off the new week (Nov. 8 – 12th) with some more aggressive buys. We’ll look at those results in the next post.

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