Weekly Stock Recap: Overreaching and Paying For It

So I went a little crazy this week…and I payed the price.

Going into this week, The Brandon Portfolio was riding a high with $61.73 profit over the one and a half month period of this micro investing experiment.

Then I got greedy.

At the beginning of the week, I decided I wanted to be more active in trades for the week and try to accelerate profits for The Brandon. This resulted in making some questionable moves and getting burned.

The Brandon Portfolio November 2021

As you can see, I started off making some decent moves and pulled in over $30.00 in profits Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday and Thursday I made several dumb trades and blew it all up.

The Good Stocks

Monday I made a fast trade on Pioneer Power Solutions (PPSI) getting in with 25 shares at a price of $5.63 and taking profit at 6.04. As it turns out, I should have held this for the week because PPSI closed today at $8.29 per share.

I’m not beating myself up too much over my fast exit because I really had no confidence in this stock to hold the gains for a day much less the week. I felt more comfortable taking my profit and moving on.

Tuesday I made $11.50 profit on (BTB) Bit Brother Ltd. I also picked up $28.20 on (EVGO) Evgo Inc.

Both of these stocks went higher on the week and, again, if I were smart I would have held. This is why I am dumb money.

The Bad Stocks

I’m not looking to wallow in my misery recounting all the bad decisions I made this week because there were a lot. So let me just give a quick rundown of the bad calls I made.

  • BTS $-19.00
  • DXF $-13.00
  • BRAG $-10.10

As you can see, each one of these costs me big time when you’re dealing with a micro account of roughly $300.

I lost a little over $2.00 from the beginning of the week’s starting balance.

This breaks my number one rule for this account experiment which is: Don’t lose money.

Over the weekend, I’m going to go back to the drawing board and think up a new strategy for next week.

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