Monday Nov. 15 Stock Recap

After a reckless approach last week, I decided to go back to a slow and steady strategy this week for my micro stock portfolio experiment called The Brandon.

Account Breakdown

This morning I added a $30.00 deposit to The Brandon account. My plan is to add a small amount with each pay check to help grow this account along with profits from trades.

The beginning cash balance after the deposit and before purchasing any stocks this morning was $345.78.

The Brandon Holdings Nov.15, 2021

Valvoline (VVV)2$35.36
Devon Energy (DVN)2$42.64
Regions Financial (RF)3$24.04
Tegna (TGNA)2$21.63
Lousiana-Pacific (LPX)1$68.28
Cash $6.12

At the close of trading today, The Brandon has 3 winners and 2 losers.


Valvoline (VVV) came in as the big winner of the day closing the day at $36.38 per share giving The Brandon an unrealized profit of $2.04.

Devon Energy (DVN) finished up 1.41% at $43.18 per share giving The Brandon unrealized profits of $1.15. DVN is up a little more in after hours trading.

Regions Financial (RF) eased up to $24.24 for a little unrealized profit of $0.78 on the day. RF is up a little more in after hours trading.


Louisiana-Pacific (LPX) finished the day as the biggest loser dropping $1.49. This position was closed after dropping to the stop gap price 66.81.

Tegna (TGNA) finished the day in the positive but the closing price of $21.34 was below the entry price of $21.63 causing a loss of $0.58 during trading and currently has fallen another $0.22 per share in after hours accumulating a loss of $1.02 on the day.

Daily P&L

Today’s P&L currently stands at $1.72 with several positions still open.

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