Welcome to Making & Saving!

I have always had an interest in business.  In elementary school, business hour in class was my favorite day of the month – we (our parents) used to make items to sell to our classmates for paper money, which we could spend on other kids’ crafts and food, or save for the next business hour.  I would show up to school with boxes of crafted items and return home with a ziploc bag full of tiny paper bills.

After some missteps in deciding on a college major that included an extremely brief stint in biology, it finally clicked that I should pursue my undergraduate degree in business administration.

Over the years, I have discovered tons of ways to make and save money – from selling my American Girl Dolls on eBay in high school to working a variety of side hustles to couponing.

Just this year, I finished my MBA (with no debt!) (and mostly just for fun!).

Now I work as a college administrator but still have a passion for ways to make and save money and an arsenal of resources to share with you all!  Join me as I share tips and tricks, and try new things as I venture further into adulthood.