Can You Make Money Selling on Poshmark?

Use code NJMYJ to get $5 in your account to get started!Before I moved in July, I purged a ton of stuff from my old apartment after not having deep cleaned in the three years I lived there. One of the categories of items that desperately needed help was my clothes – I had two closets, one dresser, and some overflow in various other places, but rotated the same few outfits all the time.

I am so much happier having a lighter wardrobe – not just because of the ease of moving, but because I got rid of things that didn’t fit, that were old, or that I just didn’t like as much as I once did. Now I have easy access to see everything in my closet, and I have some money in my pocket from clothes I wasn’t wearing.

One of the ways I got rid of clothes was selling them on Poshmark, an app for buying and selling secondhand clothes, shoes, and accessories. I was hesitant at first but after some time poking around, I love it and continue to use it post-move.

I have been using Poshmark for about 3 months and have made around $300 selling clothes that were mostly just sitting in my closet. The added incentive of having money in my pocket in place of those clothes certainly helped my mindset as I set out to have a simpler wardrobe. The experience has had a few hiccups, but overall I’m happy I joined.

Poshmark Pros:

  • You Get Money: Sure, this is obvious. But I can’t stress enough how much easier it became to part with clothes I wasn’t wearing when I knew I could get something in return for it. Even if I wasn’t wearing something, the fact that I spent money on it was enough to make me think I might need to keep it – but with the trade off of getting something back for it encouraged me to cut the cord.
  • Easy to Use: To set up shop, you just download the app, create an account, and you’re set to start selling. There are no hidden charges or elaborate websites to set up. Listing items is super easy too – you just take photos, select necessary information about size, color, etc. from dropdown menus, write a brief description, and the item is listed.
  • Active Community: Poshmark is an active site – I started by listing about 40 items, and in the first week or so sold around 10. Things have obviously slowed over time, but it was nice to see that there are a lot of active buyers and not just a bunch of sellers. People have also been incredibly kind – sharing items, leaving nice comments, and buyers have all been very polite (the same cannot be said of my eBay experiences over the years, a story for another day).
  • Reasonable Pricing:  After selling on some other sites, including eBay, I have found that Poshmark users are willing to pay a more reasonable amount for clothes, especially recognizing name brands.  Users are looking for a good deal but generally don’t lowball you.  Similarly, you’re not selling consignment or to a reseller, so the price you’re getting is most likely the best you would get for that item.

Poshmark Cons:

  • Flat Shipping: Shipping is $5.95 for everything, and it’s almost always higher than what it would cost to have the items weighed. As a seller, it is really easy to not go to the post office to have things weighed to be shipped (you just print a prepaid label from home and that’s it!), but the high cost gets factored in when your buyers review the prices for your items. Keep that in mind when negotiating and when choosing what to list. Your scarves or inexpensive jewelry might not sell when a $3 item becomes $9 with shipping.
  • Customer Service: I have contacted Poshmark customer support several times with no real luck. I received an item that I purchased much later than anticipated, and it was not as described. I contacted Poshmark and they said because the buyer shipped so long ago, there was nothing they could do. Now I’m stuck with an item I don’t want and I’m trying to “re-posh” by listing it on Poshmark, but with no bites yet. Another issue I had was a buyer on one of my items who was clearly suffering buyer’s remorse, probably after seeing the $5.95 shipping, and begged me to cancel after I had shipped, then left me a one-star review saying it was damaged (it was a scarf). I contacted customer service to ask to have the review removed with no response at all.
  • Fees: In addition to shipping, their fees are a little high – $2.95 for anything under $15, and 20% on anything over $15. It’s certainly not a deterrent but is something to keep in mind when pricing your items, and makes it difficult to sell exceptionally low-priced items (like accessories or jewelry).

Overall, I recommend Poshmark and have made some good money in the past few weeks. If you’re going to try it out, use the code NJMYJ to get $5 added to your account automatically!

Have you had a positive or negative experience with Poshmark? Or are there other apps you would recommend for selling clothes?